Monday, May 4, 2009

New Food Store Alert!

So a little while ago my fellow food enthusiast Topaz informed me that her buddy was opening a food stuffs store and I'm all WOOOT! Then today she sends me a TP to the store and I'm all WEEE! And my weee was not wasted because the store rocked.

The store is called Griffins and they just opened up! The store is a work in progress as you can imagine since it is new but they already have out tons of cute things.

Each item is scripted to be interactive, meaning people can click on your goodies and make them say fun stuffs! It's always fun to randomly click people's goodies and find out they do things ^.^

Right now there are cupcakes and cookies for your mouth, as well as the freebie of the month which is a cute double cherry. (Info on the rest of the items in the picture with the cherries can be found HERE.)

The owner, Leaf, also showed be some of the adorable cuddle bears that are coming out too. You will want them. OH! And the awesome part about everything in the store? Super Cheap! Like the most expensive thing will be 75L, but most were like only 30L. How cool is that? Well, i actually think the most awesome part is how everything has a cute little theme to fit my mood. Such as this Gloom Cookie. Am totally feeling the nail through the heart :P

Gotta love cookies, right?? OK, well, I hope you go down to Griffins and grab the free cherries and buy something too! I will be posting lots more from here in the future I am sure!

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