Thursday, May 7, 2009

Milky Shirt

SO I happened to hear someone in the LCS group say something about a milk shirt on a lucky chair and I copied the slurl down for future reference. I am happy I did because there was a cute new to me shop at the end of that slurl! Intrigue Co. makes tee shirts that sell for only 25L and a lot of them are food related, as seen here:

And guess what? there is even a dollarbie milk and cookies shirt! Yay!!! I think it is cute with the TekuTeku group gifts. And no, for your information, I am not wearing pants. Don't know why you needed to know that, but it might be fun to think that I am buck nekked below this photo XD

The lucky chair had many of the items in it, but I have yet to win them. So want the spilled milk shirt!

Shirt on me: 1L, Intrigue Co.
Shirts on rack: 25L each, Intrigue Co.
Books and pen in mouth: TekuTeku Group gifts
Eyes: 1L, TekuTeku
Skin: Romi lucky board prize
Hair: Waffles gift

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