Friday, May 29, 2009

New Fishies

Get your 7Seas rod attached and head on down to Prettiful for some fishing! The Sugar Rush fishing are has sooo many amazing custom catches already (lemons, PBJ, choco bars, rideable tea cups, and more!) and they recently added even more.

There are mouth chocos and head s'mores for you to wear and gobble up! The silly licorice smiles come in many flavors and you actually use them as blue print pieces to make a licorice jar for your head. Or you can just wear them in your mouth and be happy and cool ^.^

The skin I am wearing, BTW, is a 15 minute item camp at Mix and Match. Yes, that's right, only 15 minutes :O And you see the cute sucker above? Totally free to subscriber members!!

There are several types of lollipop in the gift and there are other amazing gifts as well. The items for sale are also really inexpensive and as soon as I get paid tonight I hope to go over to Mix and Match and buy some stuff! You should too!!!

P.S.- the hair is the most recent gift from Glitter hair, 100L join fee I believe :D

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