Friday, May 8, 2009

Three Posts??

Three posts from me today for a total of four posts in one day. Haha! It's been a good day in food land :P I didn't plan on doing a third post, but I checked out my alt and found some goodies. One food, one kitty, one skin, and three hairs you might enjoy!

The donut is in the Pink Fuel group notices. I got it a while back but totally forgot to blog it until today. it should be gone from the group notices in a day or less so hustle!! The hair is the male group gift from Exile but it looks good on ladies too! The skin is a laucky board from PunkSoul that is just too cute!

The next two photos have nothing to so with food, only just freebies I found and enjoyed :P This hair is the female gift from Exile. Love it!!!! The super fat cat (you will totally LOL when you see this in person) is a group gift from *M* and I am in looove with it. I can't have a cat in RL because of hubby's allergies so my kitties now live with my aunt and cousin. They are happy there but I miss them :(

This last hair is a group gift from Red Queen. They make just about my fave hair EVER and usually the group gift is in teal but Ruth made an exception and gave the gift in midnight color. And yes, it is unisexy!

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