Monday, May 11, 2009

Foods of the Day

OK! Some foods I found while trying (and failing) to organize my inv, as well as a fish prize, and a heads up from a new friend!

First off, rhyme time! Waffles are good, waffles are great, I eat waffles off a plate. Ok, there, I'm done :P But anyway. Naeko has this waffles set and it is only 50L! Yay! the one with the heart on it is a sculpted version and it so realistic and awesome. The plain waffles is meant to be used for a base if you wanted to upload your own alpha textures and put them on it! Yaaay! Your face on a waffle? Now a possibility.Waffles: Naeko, 50L
Hair: Ks2cool, free (or 1L)
Skin (worn throughout): Chai, 550L

Next, TekuTeku has a random food vendor machine! The items are super cute and from the always awesome EkoEko. I LOVE the sandwhich especially. The items are not transferable which is not awesome as I bought 7 of them and ended up with only three different prizes -.- But they are cool so it's all good!Foods: TekuTeku, 30L each
Hair: Bishwear, free for one week

Then you can do to Deux Petite Dahl once you are all broke from buying the above items and sink yourself into the lucky cupcake. There are TONS of prizes in it...clothes, skins, etc....but of course I am all about the "booby" prizes, which are these great cuppy cakes. I love the peace sign one especially *hearts!* And thank you Silver for the tip!Cupcakes: Deux Petite Dahl, free cupcake prizes

And finally, go fish at Dilly Dolls to get this insanely detailed strawberry dress! I posted about it on Free Style already so go HERE for more details.Outfit: Dilly Dolls, fishing prize
Hair: Red Queen, group gift
Key: WindMeUp, 400L

Have a great week!!


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