Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More Hairy Food!

OK, hair and food. :P

Two of my top ten fave stores in SL are Dilly Dolls and Lazy Places. And I have things for you from both! Dilly Dolls and GL Design's 50L sales on everything lasts another..oh...few hours (lmao) so I am wearing outfits and shoes by them (GLD on the left and DD on the right). The hair I am wearing is a Midnite Madness gift from Dilly Dolls....and it is my fave hair EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriosuly. It is scripted so both the hair and bow can change color and level of shininess and it's just...bedroom hot. And the Dilly Dolls lucky chair is back and now has a pair of prim toed sandals! Also color change of course :D I really feel like Oriana gets better every time she releases a new item...can't wait for the next release!

What does this have to do with food you say? Well..umm..not much. Hah! But my new Alice in Wonderland themed cookies from Lazy Places sure look cute with the outfit!! These cookies are really fun and, like most Lazy Places foods, they are also interactive. Except this time when someone clicks on them they give out Alice in Wonderland quotes! Gotta love that. At only 25L a piece, or 85L for the full pack, they are very affordable as well. There is also an Alice themed cupcake but I'm super broke at the moment :/ The Alice themed items are currently available at the Feed Your Head SIM location.
Skin is by Chai and available at the Port Seraphine outlet location for only 250L!
The birds flying around in the first picture are a 7Seas fishing prize from Dilly Dolls.
Tights are from Kosh.

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