Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Teagan!

Hey hey hey! I want to say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Teagan Blackthorne. Teagan is co-owner of Tea Lane and has helped many a broke n00b look cute for quite some time now. She is also a total hair hoar and is in love with bacon and cupcakes. What more could I want in a friend? :D Oh...a friend that makes cupcake hair would be nice, especially if it was really cheap. Oh..too bad I don't have one of tho- OMG. I do now!!Hair: Tea Lane, 2L
Lady GaGa Skin: Tea Lane, MM board prize
Bikini Top: Sassy Kitty, part of the VIP Key hunt prize (which ends today)
Boots: Hammy, (SO CUTE) MM board prize
Shape: Bad Alice, Shape It Up!, 300L

Teagan made this cupcake hair in several colors to celebrate her birthday! And for now all you have to pay to get them is 2 big fat L's!!!!!!!!! :O YAY! Oh and check out the skin I am wearing...another beauty from Tea Lane you can get in the MM board! Squee! Was not hard to get this board filled so make sure you click quick if you want in on it!


The undies I am wearing in the first pic are far from finished, but they are a preview of what I am working on. Wee! Someday soon I will add clothes to the shapes and cucpakes for sale in my store (Grand opening tomorrow!)


  1. O>O!!!!!!!! OOOH EEMM GEEEE!! What a find chica! See Taz Run! See Taz slap! See Taz Buy!


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