Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day!

Sorry I don't post so often yet...very busy RL and SL for me lately! Promise to start doing more posts soon though!!

First up, in case you didn't know, there are a lot of hunts in SL, lmao! Right now two that I am sort of poking at are the Missing Bunnies kids grid wide and the SL Discovery hunt. Cutie Honey has a super cute food related gift for the SLD! CHEESCAKE!!! The cake is on a cute little stand you can put on your table. Anyone who clicks it receives a for and slice all animated and adorable. Love Cutie Honey so much!

Another store in the SLD hunt is Prettiful. Prettiful has lots of cute food stuffs in store. For the hunt they offer up this cute candy ring. And the bunny ring? The prize for the Missing Bunnies hunt! Both rings come equipped with hugger and flight assist! Yaaaay! Don't forget to bring your fishing pole to Prettiful and catch up some awesome food prizes!

Next, Lazy Places put out these awesome ice cream party shoes that had me scrambling to find the L's to buy! I don't remmeber the exact price, but it is less than 200L for sure. And look at the detail!!!!! These three little pictures don't even hint at the awesomeness that is these shoes. Must have more! Second serving of ice cream shoes please??!!?

And finally, not food related at all, but awesome still, 20L will get you a pack of four skins from The Stringer Mausoleum and Shrine!!!! I got the blue because my alt LOVES blue skins, but there are also green, purple, and pink (I think those were the other colors anyway..I'm a terrible blogger when it comes to remembering stuff :P). Each pack comes with four makeups, shapes, and eyes. Yaaaaaaaaaaay! So pretty!

OK, off to finish doing the boards for my upcoming shapes store!

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