Thursday, May 21, 2009

Taz's loyalty has paid off


Short post today. LVS & Co is having a sale right now, they've got a whole slew of dollarbies out front :D When I read the note my eyes popped because they mentioned a lucky cupcake and some limited time dollarbie Kawaii cupcake jewelry sets! I clicked my heels three times and was off!

The lucky cupcake gods love Ms. Tazzy ~title ref.~ LOL Because I won one of the 2 exclusive prizes on my first nohm attempt! It's an adorable milkshake necklace! Now I have to stalk the other prize, which is a tiny piece of toast with an egg on it, the yolk is a gold jewel and is so cute!!! *licks frosting off of her fingers, then crosses them*.

I aslo bought ALL of the Kawaii cupcake sets. What I really like about them is that they're made to actually look like "fine" jewelry and not so Lolita or candy like. You can wear them with almost any outfit including that array of ball gowns that I have collecting dust deep in the bowels of my inventory >;P. They're only going to be dollarbies for a limited time, so I suggest you hurry.

A close up of the Lucky Cupcake prizes which you can find here.

The gorgeous dollarbies that I COMMAND you to get NAO.

Direct tp to Lucky Cupcake and just to it's right the vendor board for the cupcake sets HERE

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