Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Vitamin Ceee and a Sugary Nightmare >:D

Hai! First off I would like to thank the lovely Miss Noel for inviting me to The Sweet Side team! It's an honor to be a fellow blogger and share our passion for all things nohm in SL. I hope you enjoy my first post :D.

Just this past weekend I received a notice about a Saturday bargain bazzar going on in the Gateaux sim. There were all kinds of crazy deals and a few spots full of freebies and dollarbies. While wandering around snatching up the goodies, I stumbled upon this lovely little number. Not only was this thing cute as patootie but it was only six prims and sold for 1L...:OOOO I giggle now thinking back at how fast I clicked to! Anyhoo, here it is...this most awesome giant orange with a straw and a charming lil dallop o whip cream..yum! Created by CLEO DESIGN.
P.S. I passed by today to see if it's still there, it is but I'm not sure for how long so hurry!
P.P.S. The poses are animated and really cool so the 1L is way worth the investment!

AAAAnd of course I saved the best for last. My darling Leaf has opened up a high end treat shoppe that Sileny so kindly blogged earlier. I just wanted to let everyone know that there are now 3 more stores..oh em geee!!! The newest edition to the cupcake family is the Burton Cake!! As per requested by Sileny, so have a peek at our hommage to her and Mr. Burton. >:D

You can pick up the Burton cake at the Necrosis sim location here.
Oh yer..and DON'T forget to tap the SOM at the main store for all the latest news and goodies from Griffin's! <3

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  1. Oh my God! I want that orange :O

    And I am in lust with my Burton cake. You all need to get one!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yeah! That orange is ossum! Not only is it cute, got amazing anims and fun, it's refreshing and healthy too! I love Tim Burton's work and Leaf's own special touch just makes things that much sweeter :D


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