Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hairy Food

Yuck! But..yay!? Yes! Elli informed me of some free hair and noms at Moz. Market and of course I had to go ASAP! I am not entirely certain what the name of the actual store is...please someone help me out if you can find it! But on the wall is a cute free hair that is sooo awesomely retro and a super awesome Lollipop for you mouth! Weeee! makes me sing that lollipop song where you make the mouth pop noise from like the 50's.

There is also a free Xmas candle hair (looks like a cake with a candle on it maybe? Food related sort of!) and a 10L updo. I am wearing them with the Street Dermatology MM board skin. The eye makeup on it makes me swooon. I hope this MM prize is still there! I will let you know!

In the big store across the way from the store with the hair and candy there are two lucky boards for hair and more hair freebies and cheapies! I suggest checking them out!

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